18 October 2015

Paul's Birthday Prime Rib

The beginning of any Prime Rib for my family always starts with Hawaiian Salt being infused with Rosemary - this takes place a day or two ahead of cooking.  I have three types of Hawaiian Salt this time, regular white, Red Alaea, and Black Lava.

I love Hawaiian Salt...obviously, because that is what I grew up with on my little island of Moloka'i. I can remember my friend Pili and her grandma walking up the sea cliffs by one of our favorite beaches to gather our salt.  Her grandma always cautioned her to just take the nice white salt and then they would pick up the Red Alaea that would be at the bottom of the red dirt crevices that were along the sea cliffs on the North side of the island.  The Black Lava salt came from the Big Island which would generally be sent by our cousins or whomever.

 After the infusion takes place I take the rosemary out and place it first on the pan that I'm cooking the prime rib on.  Then salt and pepper the 6-7 lbs hunk of meat (that has been resting out of the fridge for at least two hours - don't ever want to cook cold meat...you don't get a good sear).

Cooking wise I generally follow Ina Garten's Recipe I was really sad that I didn't pay attention to what I was buying and got a prime rib without the actual ribs...I was a bit harried as I shopped.  It still had great flavor though.

Of course I don't have a picture of it completely cooked...it was a largish party (30 people) and...the natives were hungry.

I make the jus from drippings and sad to say packets of dry mix.  However, I do add a whole onion chopped skin on and all, chopped celery and carrots in all their glory and boil away for a few hours.  Then I strain the jus and serve.

I'm so happy that we could celebrate Paul's birthday with family, food and fun!

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