18 October 2015

A Healthy-ish Sunday Dinner

On any given Sunday I'm generally taking recipes that I've become familiar with and give it a little twist.  Generally just a small something...this time I thought why not make a healthy-ish meal from some of my favorite ingredients and give it a little extra flavor by grilling it instead of sauteing everything in butter or oil.

Steamed potatoes in a little water and garlic infused olive oil - recipe is in another one of my blogs.

Get together some prepared early spring or baby zucchini, patty pan squash, sweet onion, and cremini mushrooms, toss with a little garlic, Hawaiian salt and pepper. 

Then grill everything until you get those delicious grilled flavor marks on them.  The chicken in the picture we did a mojito lime marinade which I love!!!!! (Thank you to my sister Michele for the introduction to this fantastic marinade).

Paul did the grilling...under the eve in the backyard while it rained :) At least it was a relatively cool day for Arizona....

Finished product is healthy-ish deliciousness on a plate.

With a side salad.

And...a virgin mojito...not healthy...but delicious!

Mojito Recipe:
Muddle three-four leaves of mint with two juicy lime wedges and 2 teaspoons of simple syrup
Add a ton of what my sister and I call rabbit poop ice (the ice from Sonic - the best ice!)
Then add Canada Dry Ginger-Ale (the only kind I use - I have a lot of Canadian friends - I believe it would be detrimental to our friendship if I used anything else).

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