28 December 2014

When a Turkey is too much...a Roasted Chicken will do

It's been a while since I've made an actual roasted chicken. It might be the laziness in me, I usually just buy a Costco rotisserie chicken and use that to make a quick pot pie, chicken noodle soup, or chicken salad.  However, I was feeling a little more homemakery...(that's right, I made up a word) lately and wanted to make a nice dinner for Paul. He loved it, I still don't really like roasted chicken or turkey - but it was pretty delicious.

I used Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Chicken recipe. Couple of changes though, I didn't use fennel, I added Golden Yukon potatoes, and celery. I would definitely leave out the lemon next time I make it. I just don't like lemon with roasted chicken. Also, I was a bit lazy and didn't melt the butter, next time I will though - would have made my life easier.

I used my wonderful handy dandy Le Creuset Braiser, but any large oven-safe pan is great for this one pot meal.

I took the chicken out of the pan and rested it on a ridged cutting board tented with foil for about 10 minutes while I made the gravy from the drippings.  Of course, I also set aside the roasted veggies, because I used the braiser to make the gravy, didn't want to waste all that delicious flavor.
I made your basic gravy. Equal parts flour and chicken fat skimmed from the drippings, browned with about a tablespoon of minced shallots (optional). Added enough drippings (and a little chicken stock) to make a nice gravy, stirring constantly until thickened and boiling for at least one minute to ensure no weird flour flavor. At the end just add a tablespoon or two of heavy whipping cream per each cup of gravy.  So the recipe would look something like this:

Saute over medium-low heat: 1 tablespoon minced shallot in 2 tablespoons chicken fat
Add: 2 tablespoons flour and mix until lightly browned
Add: 1 cup chicken drippings or stock
Bring to boil stirring constantly and boil for about  minute
Add: 1-2 tablespoon(s) heavy whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste

I like to make a lot of gravy, so I usually just make as much gravy as the chicken fat will allow me to.

I plated this with steamed freshly shelled peas. Paul loved it, and I'm sure you will too!

Mahalo no i heluhelu 'oe

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