06 September 2014

Saturday Breakfast

Don't you love waking up Saturday morning, lazing about then having a great breakfast that didn't take too much time to make?  I love it, especially this Saturday. Friday, Paul woke me up around 6AM, I asked him where he was going. He said work. I totally thought it was Saturday.  
I was really bummed.

Late Friday night, I saw that we still had a bag of those cute little buttery Golden Yukon potatoes, about a week old, so I knew I needed to cook them soon. Paul asked me to cut his hair, so I knew I was going to be up for at least another 20 minutes which is how long it takes to make these deliciously steamed potatoes.

Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter with a dash of olive oil to bring the smoke point up on the butter, over low heat. Add your 1 lb to 1-1/2 lbs of miniature potatoes (or large chopped regular potatoes), with an 1/8 cup of water and a little Kosher salt.  Steam on low heat for about 20-25 minutes. If you're worried about burning the potatoes, feel free to shake up the pan with the lid firmly locked in place - try not to open it up.

I like to use this pan. It's the best for steaming potatoes. But really, any heavy enameled cast-iron dutch oven pan with a good heavy lid will work.

 Sur La Table

Once cooled, I just put them in the fridge.  

Saturday morning while listening to KBay and watching the Tennis U.S. Open, I melted some butter with a dash of olive oil, tossed in the potatoes with a little chopped onion and sweet red and orange bell peppers, a little  fresh thyme, Kosher salt and pepper.

Paul's breakfast; a little bacon, over hard eggs, Boudin sourdough toast and the breakfast potatoes. Only thing missing for me was the Pepper Plant Chunky Garlic Sauce from Gilroy, CA.  I really need to get Paul to order me some.

Anyways easy peasy.  And yeah, it was as delicious as it looks :)

Mahalo no i heluhelu 'oe

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