03 August 2014

Football Season & Prosciutto Sliders

So things that you will need.  Sweet rolls, prosciutto, some kind of cheese, I used Gouda, hamburger mixed with french onion soup mix (as directed on the box), 1 diced onion, mayo and pickle.  I know you want specific measurements, however, you ain't gonna get it.  Live a little and just cook!

 Make a little well in enough hamburger to cover up your little slice of cheese.

Once nicely formed, lightly flour the hamburger patty then wrap in yummy prosciutto.

Make plenty of these - they go fast.

Pan fry until cooked and they look delicious.

Caramelize the diced onion in some of the drippings from frying the sliders. 

Build your sliders.

Enjoy this season!  Hooray for football!


carly said...

and they are so delicious!!

Laura said...

those look so good! We LOVED seeing you guys and why didn't we take a picture? I bought a shag rug from costco. :) We look forward to visiting your future lake house.