05 October 2011

Chocolate and White Chocolate Rice Pudding

Trying to figure out how to make white chocolate taste like something beside vanilla...it's really a no go, but whatever.  And just so you know, in my endeavor to make it taste like white chocolate, I used too much and the rice pudding wasn't as thick as it usually is.  That being said, nothing wrong with experimenting in the kitchen. Basic recipe is from Ina Garten - 
But I don't like rum raisin so I tried to figure other flavors - I like my macadamia nut and coconut recipe, but Paul doesn't like it, so I'm trying other flavors.

Here are the culprits...there was also supposed to be sugar in the pic...eh *shrug*

Cooking the rice for 8 minutes in just water and kosher salt, covered.

 Getting the chocolate ready for the rice - the wet stuff is the vanilla paste.

Added the half-and-half to the rice - bring to boil then simmer uncovered 25 minutes.

 Tempering the egg with some of the rice pudding.

 Mixing the egg into the rice pudding and cooking for about a minute.

Mixing the rice pudding in with the milk chocolate chips.

 Mixing the rice pudding in with the white chocolate chips. Used way too many chips.

Still tasted alright.  I will try again :)