10 October 2010

Guava Cake

A few weeks ago I found out about a bakery in San Jose called Aki's Bakery.  They are sort of a Hawaii type bakery that has all the cakes we used to eat in Hawaii.  Guava, Passion Fruit, Dobash, Mango...etc, etc, etc.  YUM!!!

 We looked the place up on yelp.com and found out that you gotta get there early or all the good stuff is gone.  Just like in Hawaii!  We got up at 6:30am and were on their doorstep by 7am.
 We served the cake at our BYU football game party.  It was so delicious!


carly said...

Mmmm. Sad I missed out!

Leila said...

It looks like it'd be as good as Dee Lite -- Tasty!

And, not only that, BYU won this weekend. Good job, guys.