25 October 2010

Croissant French Toast

So, a while back, maybe in 2003 or 2004 Paul wanted French toast and I didn't have any bread except some leftover croissants - I thought, why not?  So I did :)

 It's not too difficult.  Slice the croissant where the tips come together all the way to the back but not through, like a hot dog bun :)  Make your basic custard to dip the croissant into.  I use eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, pinch of Kosher salt and cinnamon as an after thought. Open croissant up and dip both sides in custard then griddle on both sides. Fold back together again and then you can put whatever you want in the middle like stuffed french toast.
We used fruit, homemade syrup and a cream cheese filling.  For the cream cheese filling, I used: 8 oz cream cheese way softened, 6 oz creme fraiche, 1/4 cup sugar and a touch of vanilla and pinch of salt.  Mix up.  Yum!


carly said...

Looks so Yummy!
Thanks again for the ride home on Sunday. I dig your new wheels!

Laura said...

mmmm. How do you make the syrup? You got a new car? AWESOME!

Amy said...

Yumm-O! The other night I was talking to Doug about how much cheaper rent would be if 2 couples shared at BYU...silly idea I know. He said (what I had thought too) that no couple would want to share an apartment with another couple just to save on rent. Then he said, but I wouldn't have minded sharing with Caroline and Paul because Caroline makes the most delicious food. I guess I should try some of your dishes! Maybe I should have him browse the blog and see which one he wants. You are an amazing cook! Paul is so lucky!

Angela said...

I think you can make anything look delicious! I want to be like you!!