16 May 2010

Strawberry Jam!!!

Well, I hit some of the Farmer's Markets in the Bay Area to find the best strawberries.  I think we found them and that only means one thing to me....It's jam time!


It doesn't take to long to make the Fresh Frozen Strawberry Jam - I think from start to finish it took an hour.
And then you end up with containers filled with deeply jeweled ruby deliciousness.


carly said...

So fun! I made some raspberry jam the other day. Nothing like fresh jam.

Amy said...

I didn't know you could use those types of jars for Jam. Do you freeze that or put them in the fridge?

Maren said...

So which farmers market was the winner?

Ronald & Laura Jones Elia said...

Hey one suggestion, go to Sur La Table and get the strawberry corer. I got it for Laura for Mother's Day with the strawberry slicer. I promise they both work awesome (the strawberry slicer can't handle huge strawberries). The corer goes through them fast.