28 November 2009

Winter and Soup!

Winter and soup! Go together like PB and J, Christmas and tree, Eskimos and igloos, penguins and the North Pole...scratch that one :)

I love soup! Paul does not think soup is a meal and stew is pushing it - so I don't get to make it very often. Whenever I think soup I always think of my Mom making corn chowder with spam and that it's way delicious. I always think...mmmm corn chowder! And then I make this instead :)

One of my favorites comes from Olive Garden their Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup) - while messing about I was able to figure out a sort of recipe for it and then found some back up recipes online. However this is a way easy soup with very basic ingredients and the flavor doesn't change much even if you throw everything in and hope for the best - so don't worry! It's easy and delicious!

1 - Brown 1 lb Italian Sausage in heated oil.

*Add a little extra fennel seed if you've got it. I love fennel seeds!

Use your favorite kind of sausage. I do not have this luxury anymore, because the best ground Italian sausage I've ever tasted was from Macey's in UT. Go figure.

2 - Scrub up 2 russet potatoes and slice 1/4 inch thickness (I like lots of potato, so I use three).

3 - Add two 15oz cans of chicken stock - or use homemade (YUM!). Cover pot with lid and let come to gentle boil to cook potatoes.

*If you've used three potatoes, you're gonna want to use more chicken stock or just add water and bouillon cubes. Just use however much to barely cover the potatoes.

4 - Rinse thoroughly many times your favorite collard green - take all ribs off and make sure they're very clean - greens are notorious for hiding grubs and mud.

*I use mustard greens to cut down cooking time, but you could use kale which actually takes as long as the potatoes - so you would put the kale in with the potatoes. If using mustard greens put in the last 5-10 minutes of cooking time for the potatoes.

5 - Put greens in soup and cook!

6 - Yum it's cooked! So now you add the heavy whipping cream. Just put in enough to make it white - 1/2 cup to 1 cup. I just pour and look.

7 - While it's warming back up, skim off the fat from the sausage.

8 - Plate and serve with warm buttered french bread.

Can I just say again YUM!


Amy said...

I kinda agree with Paul, but I am starting to like soup more. I will have to try this recipe. I am so impressed with your amazing cooking skills!

Maren said...

I love soup, too, but my husband is like Paul. Too bad for him, though. I made soup for dinner tonight!

I love reading your recipes, even though I doubt I will ever go to all your careful effort when I cook!

Kaija said...

Soup is TOTALLY A MEAL! Maybe you and Maren and I should have a girls "soup night" :)

Hannah said...

I love you Caroline for posting my FAVORITE soup recipe! Tell me what sausage it is so I can go buy it. I guess it's not SO bad still being in PRovo! LOL!

Pili said...

You are....AMAZING!!!!!!

Chantel Leialoha Seguritan said...

Caroline...your post made my mouth water...looks scrumptious!

Hannah said...

I'm making this AGAIN, tonight! Mm mm!