02 June 2008

Celebrating My New Glasses

In an effort to celebrate all sorts of events in my life I prepared a dinner Thursday night for my new Williams-Sonoma etched Edwardian glasses. For some reason this took most of the day. I needed to get ramekins for the chocolate souffle, which meant I just had to go to Williams-Sonoma. I also picked up a few ingredients for the celebratory dinner.

After picking up everything I needed, I pre-roasted the potatoes and carrots. While the oven was doing its thing, I also started the raspberry coulis which needed to be cooled for a considerable amount of time, because it had no thickener. I had to de-bone the chicken breast, buying the chicken breast bone-in was the only way I could get it with the skin on. As everyone knows, searing a chicken breast with the skin on then roasting it for 20 minutes is the best way to get a moist chicken breast. I also marinated the chicken in lemon juice, fresh rosemary, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Around 2pm I decided that it was time to start the rolls, Ben's Mom's Rolls, which are wonderfully light and fluffy, if you make them right. LOL! I spilled some of the yeast into the sink and didn't have any extra, so instead of 1 Tablespoon of yeast I think I got a teaspoon and a half. Which meant they needed a little extra time rising.

So when everything came together, I had made; seared and roasted chicken breast, roasted potatoes, carrots and onions, chicken stuffing, chicken pan gravy and rolls. Usually my meals are not so monochromatic but the Costco here doesn't sell those great frozen peas, and I still have that aversion to salad, from that one time....don't even want to think about it. For dessert I made, (and when I say "made" I mean to say I was so scared that it wouldn't rise in the oven I sat in front of the oven to try and "will" it to rise) chocolate souffle, which did come out, and I was so proud that it actually did.

The end product of everything
was just so much fun to see and appreciate!


Keri-Anne said...

my mouth is watering! looks like it tsted amazing!

Michele Elia Lofgreen said...

That was beautiful! People keep asking me when I'll open my catering/wedding business... I laugh... but you should definitely be the caterer!

Caroline Elia Seguritan said...

I laugh too, because you know I do not like stress. And catering is stress.