09 August 2009

Taking SF by Storm

Last weekend Paul decided to get me out of San Jose and make our way up to the "big city". We got up early Saturday morning and I made musubi's while Paul went and got the car washed and serviced. We made our way up to Oakland to go to the Oakland temple. We barely missed the 9am session, so hung out until the 10am started. Glad we had to wait, because we saw one of Paul's friends from BYU. It's always nice to see friends!

We changed into everyday clothes over in the Visitor's Center :) We do this all the time, it's kinda funny having the Sister missionaries greet us and try to talk to us, when we're in an out of there. Then we very slowly made our way down to San Francisco. Traffic was horrendous, it always is. We went over the Bay Bridge and that took about 1 1/2 hours.

We then had to make our way all the way across town to Presidio for the Hawaiian Festival. Which took another 1 1/2 hours. That made it about 3pm. Parking was very exciting, we got to wait in a huge line and finally got a parking space around 4pm (the Festival closed at 5pm). Paul and I waited in several different food vendor lines (not together-saved time). We got a kalua pig plate, lau lau plate, lumpia, pancit (which was not half as good Marvel's - my mother-in-laws) and cascaron (a Filipino dessert) which had too much brown sugar on it, but I wiped some off and it was delicious. It was all good! Yum!

Paul and I walked around the festival and got a couple of things. I got an ipu (dried gourd) that was decorated. Paul got some Hawaiian weapons, little ones to go on our Christmas tree. We've decided that we want a Hawaiian Christmas tree this year, and we're gonna have a big one! I love planning for Christmas...even this early! Funnily enough we stayed about 45 minutes then made our way across town to the Hilton in the financial district (which is right below Chinatown). The above and below pictures are the views from our 24th floor room. It was breathtaking! Coit Tower and Alcatraz.

We went speed sight-seeing. Luckily we had our car. We walked through a bit of Chinatown and decided to drive instead of walk all those hills. We went to Ghiradelli Square, which to be honest was very underwhelming...so they make chocolate and sell ice cream, two things I'm not very excited about.

However, Paul enjoyed the ice cream and chocolate. To be completely honest though, I did get a hot chocolate, carmel de sel or something (carmel with sea salt) it was awesome! But I don't think it was worth the $7 parking fee. We made our way down to Pier 49, got some clam chowder in a bowl from a street vendor and yucky crab cakes, but hey it's really about the experience.

We drove about seeing sights. Before we went to SF I asked Paul to look up some restaurants to visit and this was one of them. It's called Emporio Rulli, fresh Italian food. Paul of course got a pizza with prosciutto and arugula. I got the handmade gnocchi with fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella. It was so delicious, the couple next to us, ordered the same thing and they loved it too! We were all sorts of full by the time we left the restaurant around 10pm. So we took dessert (picture above) back to the hotel, mini fruit tarts and a pistachio infused panna cotta with fresh strawberries....can I say, "YUM!" one more time, for the cheap seats in the back, "YUM!"

Our whole weekend for me was relatively a surprise. I had had a difficult week before and Paul decided to surprise me with this weekend away. He planned it of course for the weekend of the Hawaiian Festival and a matinee showing of Wicked. The show was awesome! The lady playing Glinda was the understudy, but she was amazing. I think everything fell into place for her, because it seemed like it was her first standing ovation, because she cried. It was a great weekend! To be completely honest though I'd rather have been at Church. Church was great today though, good talks and my kids in Primary were good. Loves to all!


carly said...

sounds like such a great weekend! what a great husband! I agree with you about Ghiradrdelli square. fun to see once...

Chantel Leialoha Seguritan said...

What a fun weekend! I cannot explain how excited I am to come up there and visit you guys! We are going to have some good times!

Kaija said...

what a wonderful husband to sweet you away!