02 January 2009

New Year's Eve Party

Our New Year's Eve party consisted of four people. Paul, me, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. I love Anderson Cooper, he's a Vanderbilt you know...very stuffy and then there's Kathy Griffin, the most abrasive red head in the whole world (beside Carrot Top). Paul and I prefer watching the CNN coverage to the Ryan Seacrest guy - his unnaturally white teeth freak me out :) Even though CNN has more technical difficulties than General Conference.

Of course we had good food! Chow Mein, rice balls, teriyaki yakitori (with rib-eye instead of the traditional chicken), orange chicken and pork won ton.

Can I just say, that yakitori is simply divine! Using rib-eye is definitely the way to go, it's just melt in your mouth deliciousness. I just have to make sure the skewers get marinated also, so they don't burn, lol!

Here are the won ton... gau gee... whatevers all finished up with two of the sauces; Sweet Chili and Sweet Sesame. *Sigh* YUM!

To drink we had the usual over-load of beverages...Panna Acqua from Italy (tastes better in glass than plastic), cran-raspberry mixed with ginger-ale, cream soda and a bottle of Apple-Grape Martinelli's (it was disgusting).

For dessert we had creamy/fluffy tapioca pudding - apparently Paul's new found love.

Paul and I had a great time; eating, chatting, watching Anderson and Kathy. We also started a new tradition. I picked up some Chinese fortune cookies and whatever it says in them, we have to work on or do for the New Year. This is what they said...lol!

Paul's: Be assertive and you will win.
He's already trying this out on me. I keep reminding him, that assertiveness comes at a cost :)

Mine: Kindness makes for happiness.



Michele said...

Everything looks divine as usual!
Our New Year was not as celebrated and I totally thought of you when I saw and ad online about Anderson and Kathy... I remember you saying something about how Kathy said something and Anderson just looked at her horrified. Anyway... wonderful wonderful!

Sara Lee said...

All that food and I wasn't there to eat it. I am going to have to start flying you guys in to our New Year's parties, just so you will cook for me...and for your delightful company of course.

Ty, Pili, Leilyn and Joobi! said...

All I can say is, "Wow". That looked so delicious (and I know it tasted delicious) and wow again. we went to henry's for new years and man was it a blast. Literally. Happy new year!!!

readbetsyread said...

LOL, if it is your fortune, doesn't that imply that you are fated to complete it? Or possess it? Or something??? ;) You can do it Caroline!!

Ronald & Laura Jones Elia said...

Okay so if I don't go home for New Years next year I will come to your house and eat...you know you really should stop posting pictures of food, its just not right! :^)

Team Seguritan said...

Wow, that totally beats our New Years party meal, I think the airlines was serving Turkey Sandwich or pasta and I chose the pasta...bad idea!

Your food does look beautiful! I think I should do a post on what our meals look like next to yours, It would be a good laugh. So look for that in the future :) Oh, and thanks for the Thank You card, such a good example. So if you get one from us in the future, pretend like I didn't steal the idea from you :)

Bealls said...

I found your blog! So, I wish we were invited to a New Years party like that! You have some definite cooking skills, as I can see!