12 October 2008

Paul's Birthday!

Paul's birthday was nice. I got him a few things - a nice card, some of those gummy strawberries that he loves and a love letter...yes you read right. I also made him yummy things to eat - all things that he wanted!

Croissant French toast with strawberries and whipped cream, and sausage.

Paul's turkey dinner. We just made turkey breast, not the whole turkey - that would have been way too much turkey. We don't even like turkey, as a rule, but the smell is nice. I want to say that I made everything from scratch, but it's not true *sigh* Only the mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli and turkey I made. The stuffing was boxed, but I did add onions and celery. The cranberry sauce was canned *deep sigh* and the croissants, heaven forbid were made by Costco...if my Mom were dead she would roll over in her grave...an Elia buying croissants what is the world coming to! But we had a great dinner and fun times for his birthday.


Kaija said...

Lucky man! That food looks both delicious and beautiful and I love your dishes and table! I am jealous of your homemaking abilities!

Ty, Pili, Leilyn and Joobi! said...

Happy Birthday Paul! You're sooo lucky! I want to gobble all that food up! Oh, I sure do remember your Mom's croissants Caroline! Soooo delicious!

Michele Elia Lofgreen said...

you should move back to Utah and then cook for J and I! Cause it looks tooooooooo GOOD!

Keri-Anne said...

Tag you're it! check my blog for the instructions!!!